Company’s Vision/Mission Statements and Core Values

In line with our present business activities, business strategy, ambitious growth plans and our dreams, we have decided our vision, mission statements and core values as under.

Vision Statement

We would like to be recognized all over Maharashtra as a trusted and reliable suppliers for Pickles, Spices & Syrup and service provider to our Super stockist ,Distributors and Retailers spread all over the Mumbai.

We would like to focus not only on customer’s satisfaction but also on customer’s delight.

Mission Statement

We would like to expand and diversify our activities so as to become No.1 Company in Pickles, Spices & Syrup.

Core Values
  • Quality
  • Ethics
  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
Company's Quality Policy

Our Company gives top most importance to the quality of its products and services, which is evident from the Quality Policy formulated by the Company.

Quality Policy

We, all at Manorama Food Products are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction. This shall be achieved by

  • Properly identifying customer needs & expectation.
  • To control effectively the safety hygiene & sanitation level during processing of food products within the limit of specified requirements.
  • Improvement in production cycle.
  • Better distributors, super stockist and retailers relationship.
  • Proper resolution of queries & complaints received from our customers.

We are committed for continual improvement in our products and services.

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