Company’s History and different Milestones Achieved from time to time

Late Smt.Vithabai Marye commenced the business of pickles at home in the year 1936. Due to good quality and taste our pickles became popular around local areas which created more demand in the markets. Shortly we also started selling pickles in Mumbai on small scale basis. Mr. Jagganath Marye son of Vithabai Marye was a working class person. After finishing his office work in the evening he started selling pickles in the nearby areas where they used to live and slowly steadily they also started local markets like Byculla, Parel, Dadar, etc. In the meantime, we also opened our shop at Bakriadda, Byculla, in which we started selling our pickles as well as other sundry products like Papad, Kulit Peeth, Spices, etc.

To cater increased demand, he set up small scale manufacturing unit at Malvan Katta, Konkan Region at Maharashtra. But first set back of Marye Family we faced was due to sudden death of Mr. Jagganath Marye, father of Mr. Ravindra Marye. After his father’s sad demise Mr. Ravindra Marye took over the charge of entire business and started selling pickles shop to shop in a professional way. Due to good quality & taste the demand for Shree Siddhivinayak Pickles further increased in districts like Mumbai, Thane region.

Hence we had to shift our manufacturing base from Malvan Katta to Kolhapur in the year 1996, by the time we also opened new areas like Kokan Region, Goa, Kolhapur, etc. Hence to cater to all areas we also started one more plant in the year 2010 at Five Star MIDC Kagal.

Some of the important milestones achieved by the Company in the past are as under:

  • 1936 – Started pickles business from Home.
  • 1996 – Shift manufacturing base from Malvan Katta to Kolhapur
  • 1996 – Distributions in new areas like Kokan Region, Goa, Kolhapur
  • 2010 – Started Company at Five Star MIDC Kagal
  • 2012 – Opening of Mumbai Office
  • 2018- Syrup Category & Masale Category

This was possible only because of the planning & timely execution of the entire team who has tremendous willpower to succeed in this competitive, volatile and ever changing Industry.

Our Company is a preferred Vendor for many buyers in Mumbai markets because we have a wide range of products spectrum to offer and satisfy the unique taste and choices of buyers from different locations.

The secret of our success is due to best quality of the products impeccably & carefully packed, made available at the reasonable cost and at the right time, anywhere in the Mumbai.

We are, of course aware that we have miles to go but we are sure to achieve the peak of excellence at par with any brand of repute, in due course of time.

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